Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about our website and what we can do for you.

What are compound units?Compound units are combinations of more than one unit, such as km per hour, or gallons per week etc. Unlike a simple unit conversion, converting from one compound unit to another involves more than one calculation. We wished there was a website to quickly do the conversion for me, so I created this site and made it public.
How accurate is the conversion?We show the conversion steps and the significant figures used. If you need a greater degree of accuracy, use the converted figure as a reference only. Note that you are responsible for checking the conversion, and we cannot take any responsibility for its use.
How much does it cost?This website is 100% free.
Which physical quantities are supported?Currently, the website supports the following: time, volume, distance, weight, area.
Can I send you feedback or report a bug?Yes, absolutely! You can contact me with either LinkedIn or Twitter.
I like your website! How can I support you?Thanks! You can buy us a coffee, that will motivate me to maintain and improve the website. :)